Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Batik Flower Drawings 4th grade

The Fourth graders drew close-up versions of the flowers they observed in wax crayon. Their papers were then crumpled up and washed with a blue paint. To achieve a special Batik-like effect, the papers were then ironed. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Matisse motivated mixed media fishbowls

We looked at Gold Fish painted by Henri Matisse in 1911. The students drew fish using craypas, and then watercolored fish bowls. They used tempera paint to make a patterned background to give the illusion of a room with depth. They also created a table using wallpaper. Finally, all the pieces were assembled and some students chose to add greenery, similar to Matisse’s composition. 



Kindergarten Create-a-Shapes

The Kindergarteners started with 2 rectangular papers and cut them diagonally. They glued their 4 new papers to create a shape of their own. They drew patterns and shapes with craypas on their shapes, then painted with watercolors. This is a great lesson about diagonal lines, patterns, cutting practice and watercolor. The results demonstrate how using the same basic supplies can result in unique creations.