Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter Trees- 5th grade

The fifth graders observed and sketched trees outside at the end of Fall. From those observations, they drew these trees using marker. The drawings were painted with watercolor and salt was added for a cold, winter-like effect. 



Friday, February 22, 2013

Enhancing Science in the Art Room --Planets

The 3rd graders enhance their study of the Solar System by drawing planets in the art room with craypas and adding stars with metallic paint. We talked about the relative sizes and colors of the planets. They  used recycled cardboard, and their imaginations, to build rocket-ships. 



3D Greek Vases

Using recycled cardboard and paper-mache, the 5th graders created three-dimensional Greek vases. Viewing samples of Ancient Greek red and black bisqueware and taking inspiration from their in-class lessons, the students depicted a central figure on their vase inspired by Greek mythology , accompanied by patterns and motifs. Their creations will be on display for the Greek Symposium. 



Many Views of Mt. Fuji

The second graders learn about the Japanese Culture in their classrooms so we explore the Japanese art of George Hokusai in the Art Studio. He created over 100 views of Mt. Fuji. The students created their own versions using oil pastels and watercolors on a long skinny paper similar to the format of much Japanese art. They also learn to fold an origami house which they add to the composition and practice Japanese calligraphy with bamboo brushes on rice paper to make a unique signature for their landscape. 

City Printing - 3rd grade










The third graders examined the shapes and details of city buildings for a printmaking unit. They made drawings which they transferred onto pieces of foam to create a printing plate. From these plates, the students were able to print multiple images of their cityscape. While some students were printing, others were collaging paper cities, drawing borders for their prints and hand coloring some of their other prints. I also took photos of the students which they added to their collages for  a book of all their City Art.


Egyptian Sarcophagi

The 5th graders studied Ancient Egypt in their classroom and had the opportunity to visit The King Tut Exhibit in NYC. Following their trip, they created a paper sarcophagus with typical Egyptian motifs and design style. They students used markers and craypas and made a two-sided figure stuffed with newspaper.



Recycled cardboard House Books -first grade

In conjunction with a publishing party the first graders have in their classrooms, we made artistic "house books" in the art room. With inspiration from the brilliant book The Big Orange Splot by Daniel Pinkwater, Roberto the Insect Architect by Nina Laden, Mr Pine's Purple House by Leonard Kessler and others, we gradually explored the beauty of uniqueness and the basic elements of architecture. The students first built their houses with recycled pieces of cardboard and glue. Doors/covers were also chosen. Next the students painted their cardboard pieces and had the options of collaging and/or drawing in craypas.The first graders had the choice of writing and/or illustrating the inside pages. Finally the books were compiled with pipe-cleaners and the houses stand proudly. The children love this inventive project that integrates with their language arts learning.