Thursday, March 4, 2010

6th grade landscapes -4-ways

The 6th graders chose a photograph of a landscape and then drew a simple pencil drawing of the vista. They traced the drawing onto water color paper and then painted a watercolor version. Next they traced onto tag board and then used 1 color, white and the complement to paint a version. Next they used chalk pastel on black paper and finally they collaged tissue paper, construction paper and or magazine scraps onto a traced tag board. All four versions were hung together. You can see how some are more abstacted and others more realistic.


  1. I do this lesson with my 8th graders when we learn about the elements of art. I love the variations and how the same image is expressed differently using various media. I give the kids a choice to add black strips in between the pictures and put inside a black matt to make it look like the pictures are inside a window pane.